Sunday, March 4, 2007

LOST Season 3 Episode 8 (WARNING: SPOILERS)
“Flashes Before Your Eyes”

So this episode was a sudden change in pace, as the flashback section is presented as one unbroken sequence, ostensibly showing us what Desmond experienced after he turned the failsafe key in Season 2’s finale.
Bam, back in the apparent past, only to learn the lesson that he cannot change what seems to be his destiny.
Of course, we find out that he’s still trying to change someone’s fate (which was the great punchline that made this episode), though also burdened with the awful inevitability that he ultimately won’t be able to stop it. (Tell us it ain’t true, Des!)
But then, given this episode’s atypical structure, the other subplots are stopped dead in the water, and all apparently so we can learn the possible fate of one of the survivors we’ve come to know and love. (Or inevitable fate, if we’re to take the wedding ring woman’s words as gospel truth.)
Not sure if that’s worth the trade-off, but there’s still a lotta season to go, so I’m just gonna sit tight.

Parting shot: On the plus side, The Others’ (hah! Get it?) Mrs. Mills, Fionnula Flanagan does a great turn as the wedding ring woman (a.k.a.—ahem—Ms. Hawking).

Parting shot 2: Lost racked up 7 nominations at the Saturns this year: Best Network Television Series; Best Actor in a Television Program or Series (Matthew Fox); Best Actress in a Television Program or Series (Evangeline Lilly); Best Supporting Actor in a Television Program or Series (Josh Holloway and Michael Emerson); Best Supporting Actress in a Television Program or Series (Elizabeth Mitchell); and Best Television Series Release on DVD (The Complete Second Season).
Winners will be announced on May 10, 2007.

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