Friday, March 9, 2007


So Starbuck has gone off to fulfill her destiny. Of course, I sincerely doubt her destiny was to get crumpled up like a cheap soda can by extreme pressure.
Like that apparently divine presence which appeared to Kara as the sick psycho puppy Leoben said, she’s about “… to discover what hovers in the space between life and death,” that place that D’Anna kept obsessing about, where she saw the faces of the Final Five.
I’ve got to believe that Starbuck will be back (but how they’re going to explain her survival of that horrific explosion… that’s gonna take some miraculous plotting), with, hopefully, more clues to finding Earth, or, dare I hope, the identities of the Final Five.
We also get to see inside Kara’s tumultuous relationship with her physically abusive mother (Dorothy Lyman), who was really only preparing her daughter for this singular moment in time. Of course, all that managed to produce was a very angry, self-destructive personality.
So the Galactica loses another of its own and Admiral Adama gets medieval on his model ship (one of those disturbing, startling displays of explosive emotion from Edward James Olmos, the kind where you just want to stay frozen, lest he see you and that anger gets directed at you).
And next week, it looks like Baltar’s finally getting his trial. Oh goody!
But we also haven’t really seen the Cylons since Athena escaped the baseship with Hera and Caprica Six in tow some five episodes back. Methinks a visit from the toasters and skin jobs is coming, as is the season finale, so…
Not too hard to do the math there…

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