Saturday, March 3, 2007

HEROES Season 1 Episode 16 (WARNING: SPOILERS)

Okay. I’m officially annoyed with Isaac now.
As appropriate as this episode’s title is, it could very well have been called “The Three Noodges.”
Noodge 1: Mohinder, who is currently doing a Julia Roberts and sleeping with the enemy, unwittingly leading Sylar right to his victims. C’mon, Mo! You’re a smart guy! You gotta see through the mask, dude!
Noodge 2: HRG, who does the big boo-hoo, I never meant to hurt your mother, Claire, I just wanted to protect you. Yeah, bang-up job, Mr. Bennet.
Noodge 3: Isaac. Not only does he lead HRG to Claude, but he pulls an Ana Lucia and plugs Simone. (Dumb a$$. When Heroes started, I really didn’t care much for either Isaac or Simone, but the characters grew on me. And when Simone finally bought into the whole “people with powers” thing, I was genuinely jazzed. And now she’s bleeding all over Isaac’s floor and he’s holding the gun. I repeat: dumb a$$.)
Meanwhile, I’m so happy for Claire, finally getting to unload on dear old Dad in the hospital. Of course, Ted and Matt and the instant e-mail lady have to bust up that party. (You know, I kind’a thought it would take them awhile to actually get down to bidness, but there ya’ go. Now all the Bennets are in deep doo-doo.)
Actually, you know what? Make that “The Four Noodges.”
Noodge 4: me. It only sunk in when Peter first displays telekinesis on the rooftop: he is the most powerful character at the moment. What’s he got? Flight, invisibility, invulnerability, precognition, one-way telepathy (is there a better term for it?), TK, and presumably, control over the space/time continuum—since he already met Future Hiro—and also, whatever other powers Sylar’s managed to suck up. Man, he can kick major a$$!
I should’ve seen it earlier, but there you go. Been too busy getting distracted by the other subplots.
This episode was written by Jeph Loeb (read Superman For All Seasons. Now.) and directed by Greg Beeman (who, in another timeline, is busy directing episode after episode of the hit TV show about Aquaman, Mercy Reef, but in this timeline, is doing a brilliant job on Heroes).
Great episode that amps things up nicely.

Parting shot: If Ando really is heading back to Japan, I’m gonna miss him. And is it just me or have we had enough Stan Lee cameos already?

Parting shot 2: Heroes got 5 nominations at the 2007 Saturns: Best Network Television Series; Best Supporting Actor in a Television Program or Series (Greg Grunberg and Masi Oka); and Best Supporting Actress in a Television Program or Series (Hayden Panettiere and Ali Larter).
Winners will be announced on May 10, 2007.

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