Saturday, March 3, 2007

HEROES Season 1 Episode 15 (WARNING: SPOILERS)

Man, all these adults messing up Claire…
Nathan willing to take the low road and just shell out the cash; the effects of Mr. Bennet’s repeated use of the Haitian on poor Mrs. B finally manifesting (poor Mr. Muggles!); and Meredith shows her true scamming, money-grubbing colours.
Claire, honey, you should’a thrown more than just a rock…
Meanwhile, the confluence continues, as, in true hero vs. hero-due-to-a-misunderstanding fashion, we have Matt vs. Jessica! Then, in true team-up fashion, we have, gasp! Mohinder and Sylar. Like the episode title says. Run, Mohinder, run!
Once again, an episode benefits from the exclusion of certain subplots: in this case, no sign of Peter, Isaac, or D.L. The juggling must be difficult though, as the momentum of each separate plot thread needs to be kept at a certain pace. But at least, it looks like the Heroes writing team is getting a better handle of the right rhythm, as the storytelling gets smoother as the weeks go by.

Parting shot: On second thought, Claire, it’s okay. Jessica’s coming Nathan’s way with something a whole lot deadlier than a rock…

Parting shot 2: We may have gotten the numbers last week, but we had to wait till now for the Sulu reference.

Parting shot 3: Like I said last week, Ando, better luck next time, dude.

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