Tuesday, March 13, 2007

LOST Season 3 Episode 11 (WARNING: SPOILERS)
“Enter 77”

So the rescue party for Jack pretty much takes center stage (with breaks for some Sayid flashbacks and a ping pong game; yup, that’s right. A ping pong game) as the Dharma Initiative communications outpost is found, being manned by that eye patch dude we saw through the monitor at the Pearl.
And what we learn from him seems to indicate that “the hostiles” have been on the island for longer than even the Initiative, and at some point, the Initiative decided to have a “purge” and attacked the hostiles. And it looks like the hostiles won.
But it also seems as if some of the Initiative were absorbed into the body of the hostiles (like Juliet, who we know from her flashbacks was recruited by Dharma).
Of course, it really looks like the hostiles have bragging rights to the island, and the 815ers, like the Initiative before them, are the intruders.
But if we’re more or less aware of what the Initiative was up to, the question now is, what’s the deal with the hostiles? Why are they still hanging about the island?
Maybe we’ll learn a little more as Sayid and company are headed to the “Barracks,” the community we saw a glimpse of in the first few minutes of Season 3. Hopefully, that’s what we’ll see next week, if we aren’t sidetracked by another ping pong game…

Parting shot: Man, when Locke gets a bug up his a$$, he doesn’t quit, does he? I mean, you’ve got a prisoner tied up and apparently unconscious, and you’re gonna play a computer chess game?! Priorities, dude!

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