Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Season 4 Episode 6
“The Weho Ho”

E and Vince want Billy off Lost in the Clouds, but Ari sold the Dream Team to the studio, and to have a split at this point in the game, when Medellin isn’t even out yet could reflect badly on both projects.
But Billy apologizes to E (it turns out someone else leaked the trailer) and E reluctantly agrees to have a four-way meeting with Dana Gordon to seal the deal.
The meeting goes well enough, despite Billy’s massive ego. E however, is convinced he cannot work with Billy again. But Vinnie still wants to do the movie, so E steps down as producer. But he does go on the record as saying he thinks Vinnie shouldn’t do Lost in the Clouds, and that he thinks Billy’s best days are behind him.
In the end, Vinnie still pushes on with Lost in the Clouds.

There are two subplots in this episode, one more effective than the other.
The first involves Turtle and Drama getting sucked into bidding for a Sandy Koufax jersey under the mistaken assumption that Koufax is dying and the jersey is soon to appreciate in value. It turns out it’s Koufax’s dog that died recently, and the baseball player is in the best of health. Of course, the boys find this out after they’ve already bid on the jersey.

The second subplot is particularly good, involving Lloyd’s break-up with his lover Tom.
Depressed, Lloyd takes a leave, throwing Ari’s office into a lurch. Needing to restore order to his work life (and because he really does care for Lloyd), Ari ends up playing matchmaker, and we get to see Tom, who reveals to Ari that Lloyd cheated on him, and that was the reason for the break-up.
Ari however, covers for Lloyd and says that during the night in question, Lloyd was with him at The Bourne Ultimatum premiere. Lloyd and Tom get back together, but Ari warns Lloyd that though he may like liars, he doesn’t like cheaters.
There’s also what seemed to me to be a passing insinuation that Lloyd’s dalliance with the barrista at the Coffee Bean may not have been a one-time thing.
Say it ain’t so, Lloyd!

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