Sunday, August 5, 2007

Season 4 Episode 3

E sleeps on his less than enthusiastic reaction to Billy’s first cut of Medellin. The next morning, he thinks with a little judicious editing, the film will be great.
When he drops by Billy’s, he’s given a DVD of the crackerjack trailer for the film. But when he tries to broach the subject of trimming the movie down, Billy pulls out the Final Cut card, and tells E to go frak himself. He also drops the bomb: he’s sent the cut off to Cannes and is waiting for a response.
E’s knee-jerk reaction: get Billy away from Medellin, ‘cause if Cannes rejects the movie, then everyone’s gonna know it’s a turkey.

And while Drama and Turtle have some sexual hi-jinx with a mom and her overweight friend (what happened to Kelly, Turtle?), Vince ends up at Dennis Hopper’s house.
Meanwhile, E talks to Ari about the whole Medellin thing. Since E wants Billy off the film, Ari has a solution: sell the film to someone else, who can then send Billy packing. And Ari has just the right target: Harvey, who the boys met (and ultimately screwed when Vince took the Aquaman offer) at Sundance.
But when Ari hears that Vince actually likes Billy’s first cut, he tells E to go frak himself.
So E sets up the meet with Harvey all by himself.
At the meeting, Harvey warns E not to screw around with him again. Harvey watches the trailer…

When E gets back to the condo, he puts Harvey’s offer in front of Vince: $25 mil; E sold a whole movie on the strength of a trailer! But just as important as the money, the film can be blocked from Cannes, where E still fears it will be rejected.
But it turns out that Medellin was accepted at Cannes, and now E has to tell Harvey that the film is no longer for sale (at least, not until the bidding war at Cannes).

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Anonymous said...

Entourage is my current guilty pleasure. So far, I haven't finished season 3 yet. Looking forward to season 4. ;p

space monkey said...

well, as you can tell from my reviews (which you probably shouldn't read as you haven't finished season 3 yet!), i love the damned show.
the writing's sharp and funny, and the ensemble is one of the best, and most natural ones working on tv at the moment. (watching these guys, you really do think they're childhood friends who've known each other forever).
it's annoying that the only one who gets some regular love on the awards front is jeremy piven. (though emmy has finally recognized kevin dillon with a nomination).

Chris said...

I love Entourage. It's my favorite show on TV.