Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Season 4 Episode 5
“The Dream Team”

The episode’s subplot has Johnny trying to look young—since he’s the old fogey on the Five Towns set—by buying a cap that requires him to get a certificate that proves he needs to take marijuana for medicinal purposes. (Yes, all for the cap.)
The episode’s meat however, lies in the main plot, involving the Medellin triumvirate.

The simmering antagonism between E and Billy comes to a head when E is accused of leaking the Medellin trailer onto YouTube, and the smackdown that we’ve all been waiting for erupts.
But E and Billy still have to be civil to each other, at least for an interview with former New York Times critic Elvis Mitchell. E manages to keep it together during the interview, but is called out by Billy just as Mitchell drives off. They’re about to do Round Two but Vince takes things in hand and makes E walk away.
In the car, E says he’ll put up with the sh!t for as long as it takes to get Medellin done and out, and then he never wants to see Billy again.

Meanwhile, Ari zeroes in on Vinnie’s next project: the film adaptation of Lost in the Clouds, which is on the fasttrack under Dana Gordon, whom Ari inadvertently got fired due to the whole I Wanna Be Sedated debacle.
But when Ari drops by her office with drinks and cupcakes, it turns out that the project is locked, with Heath Ledger topbilling and Curtis Hanson directing. So Ari goes into stealth mode and discovers Ledger is being handled by his former-assistant-turned-rival-agent Josh Weinstein. With Lloyd’s help, Ari manipulates Josh into thinking this is a bad career move for Ledger by implying there’s some homosexual subtext in the material, and that with Brokeback Mountain still in the public’s minds…
So Ledger suddenly drops out of the project, but then so does Hanson, who only wanted to work with Ledger in the first place, leaving the film dead in the water.
But Ari works his magic behind the scenes, and gets the project up and running again by selling “the Dream Team” to work on it: E producing, Vinnie starring, and (uh-oh) Billy directing.

This is a great episode, as it brings back familiar faces like Josh Weinstein and Dana Gordon (who I loved in her past appearances). There are also quick cameos from Snoop Dog and Brian Grazer, as well as the slightly longer one by Elvis Mitchell.

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