Saturday, October 4, 2014

¡Qué horror! 2014
The Wrap-Up

So there we are.
Another October and another ¡Q horror! rundown.
And the twelve months leading up to ¡Q horror! 2015 have already begun…
But before we bring this year’s festivities to a close, I have to mention this:

(July 2014)

Since this isn’t a film or a television show episode (it’s a series of deleted and alternate scenes from Fire Walk With Me), this really couldn’t rightfully qualify as a Candidate.
Nevertheless, this deserves a ¡Q horror! mention for a couple of scenes that, even if taken just as they are, and out of any sort of context, still pack a potent wallop on the unwary, regardless of whether you’ve seen Twin Peaks or not.
These brief snippets are more unnerving and unsettling than many of Hollywood’s recent feature length “horror” offerings.
A master of combining sight and sound and producing compact little audio-visual nightmares, David Lynch has secreted a number of bizarre little gems in “Missing Pieces,” including more of David Bowie’s Agent Phillip Jeffries.

If you’re a TP fan, then this is, as they say, a “must-see,” if only so you can be your own final arbiter on whether the inclusion of these scenes would have made any significant difference to Fire Walk With Me.
And if you’ve never seen TP or its feature film prequel, then get a taste of Lynch’s television masterpiece here.
(Nearly a quarter of a century after it premiered, it’s still at the top of my Best TV Shows Ever list. 24 years and change and no other show has managed to steal that crown…)

Plus, given the recent simultaneous tweets from David Lynch and Mark Frost (at 11:30 AM apparently, the same time Special Agent Dale Cooper entered the lovely town of Twin Peaks way back in the Pilot), this could serve as a brief taste of all the strange and wonderful things that may yet come…

Yes, please, could I have some more?

“I’ve always said, ‘I love a continuing story.’
“To love a world and be able to go deeper and deeper into that world.
“So, there’s always a possibility, and you just have to wait and see.”
--David Lynch, when asked about a possible continuation of Twin Peaks, September 2014

(Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery Blu-ray cover art courtesy of

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