Tuesday, October 28, 2014


This year's NovKon will be held on November 15 at the regular Kon venue, the Bayanihan Center on Pioneer.
The ‘Verse will be there, as usual, and as far as new issues go, we’ve got a double Dakila whammy for all you mighty fine folk…

In alphabetical order:

Issue 2 (of 3)
By David Hontiveros and Jason Confesor

[Front Cover]

Your name is Brandon Ramirez and you’ve been a geek your whole life: comics, movies, RPGs, cosplay.

And now you’re officially the world’s first superhero, as evidenced by the cape, the mask, the totally ripped physique, and those crazy-awesome powers.

Higher agencies seem to have conspired to steer you right into that skintight outfit.

We have only one question: How’s that working out for you?

It’s been 96 days since 18-year old Brandon Ramirez first became Dakila.

His girlfriend Haliya is a lunar princess, whose childhood bestie, Agrios, is a demon-werewolf hybrid who’s none too thrilled with the teen superhero hanging around…

In “Bad Moon Rising” (the first part of “Balatkayo”), join us to celebrate someone’s birthday with some deception and a side order of treachery!
Plus, Brandon and Haliya go out dancing.
Sort of.

Dakila. 18 years old. Cosmic champion.
Whoever thought being in love could get this insane?

[Back Cover]

DAKILA: Metronom
Issue 1 (of 3)
By David Hontiveros and Nonie Cruzado

[Front Cover]

It’s only been 19 days since 17-year old Brandon Ramirez first became Dakila.
And now, a viral video is about to become instrumental in drawing him into the orbit of an eccentric millionaire expat, and he’s about to find out just how dangerous collecting rare colored vinyl can actually be…

Dakila. 17 years old. Cosmic champion.
All of a sudden, acne and getting a driver’s license are so not a big deal.

[Back Cover]

So there you go.
I should point out though that there’s still a chance there’ll be one more new issue, provided it can come in under the wire.
So send out some good karma for us, so we can have a third new ‘Verse issue at NovKon.

Hope to see all you mighty fine folk there.

And, in other news…

I was interviewed a couple of weeks back by the mighty fine Ruey De Vera of the Sunday Inquirer Magazine.
As I understand it, the article will appear in the November 2 edition, so check it out if you get the chance.

you can’t drink just six,


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