Saturday, June 18, 2011

Candidate # 25

(August 2010)

Now that was one fun slasher ride.
I imagine two of the reasons why I enjoyed Adam Green’s Hatchet II more than its predecessor are: 1) I already knew what sort of tone to expect given my previous experience with the original; and 2) having seen Spiral and Frozen, I’m assured that Green is capable of more than just delivering over-the-top stalk and slash mayhem.

Whatever some of the other reasons may be, bottom line is, if you remember the ‘80’s slasher heyday with fondness, you’ll doubtless appreciate Hatchet II.
Buckets of fake (and in some cases, unashamedly rude) gore and bloodletting, Tony Todd, AJ Bowen, a bunch of familiar Frozen faces, and a Behind the Mask nod.
Not much more you can ask for in a movie like this…

Parting shot: There are reviews of Hatchet and Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon buried in the Archive, along with ¡Qué Horror! mentions of Spiral and Frozen.

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