Saturday, June 18, 2011

Candidate # 23

(January 2010)

The undead hordes have trudged onto German soil.
Brought to us by director Marvin Kren, from a screenplay written by Benjamin Hessler, Rammbock (alternately known internationally as Siege of the Dead and Berlin Undead) is purportedly the first German zombie film* and if only for the distinction, it’s worth checking out.
At a brief 59 minute running time, it’s approximately as long as an episode of The Walking Dead and plays out much better than some of the TV adaptation’s episodes.

* As opposed to films like
Død Snø or Outpost, which feature Nazi zombies, but were Norwegian and British productions, respectively. (Reviews of both may be found shambling about in the Archive.)

(Rammbock US OS courtesy of

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