Friday, June 17, 2011

Candidate # 21

(August 2010)

John V. Soto’s Needle features as its centrepiece the latest in the notorious line of cinematic infernal devices that includes Hellraiser’s Lemarchand’s box (better known as the Lament Configuration) and Oganelli’s titular Cronos device from Guillermo del Toro’s debut feature.
Here in Needle, Soto (and co-writer Anthony Egan) proudly bring you Le Vaudou Mort, a one-stop shop voodoo killing machine: just add picture of intended victim, and voila, gruesome bloodletting ensues.
Basically a variation of the slasher film (in the same way the Final Destination films are), Needle nonetheless boasts some rather good practical effects sequences.
Featuring Michael Dorman (from Triangle, Daybreakers, and Acolytes), Calvin Klein model-turned-Tarzan, Travis Fimmel (seen recently in The Experiment), and V matriarch Jane Badler, Needle may have a third act reveal-- the who and why of it all-- that isn’t anything we haven’t seen before, but that shouldn’t stop you from checking this one out.

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