Monday, October 1, 2007

Season 2 Episode 1
`It’s Alive!’
Written by: Daniel Cerone
Directed by: Tony Goldwyn

My favorite blood spatter expert/serial killer is back! (Sorry, Dex. I say “my favorite” like there’s another blood spatter expert/serial killer out there…)

The sophomore season opens with a play on the Pilot’s opening, where we see Dexter in the process of taking down a victim.
Here though, going on almost 40 days of an enforced moratorium, due to Doakes’ overriding suspicion of Dex, the poor guy’s got nothing to do but bowl (with the department’s bowling team, Bowl Till You Bleed). Fortunately, Dex turns out to be rather good at knocking down the pins.
And when Dex finally gets the chance to make a kill (a blind voodoo dude who poisons the victims he’s “cursed”), he hesitates, then lets the guy go.
But a chance encounter with a murder victim’s mother gives Dex hope, as the grief-stricken mother asks him to kill her son’s murderer, a hulking man mountain named “Little Chino.”

Meanwhile, Deb is walking a thin line, not getting any sleep and harassed by the insensitive public (“Hey! Mrs. Ice Truck Killer!”), as she returns to work.
And Paul pleads with Rita one final time to find the shoe which will help him incriminate Dex in setting Paul up for the arrest. But Rita refuses, and Paul is killed in an “inmate altercation.”
Oh, and Angel finds Oprah (in the same way that some people find Jesus).

The episode’s flashbacks involve young Dex trying to “feel alive,” to get his heart to beat as if it was fit to burst, a feeling very alien to him.
And back in the present, just when Dex hasn’t dumped a body in his favorite patch of ocean for over a month, a pair of treasure hunters find the gruesome remains of his past victims, and seeing the reported discovery on the news, Dex feels that mad beating of his heart…

The season opener is a good one, and I’ve missed Dexter, but seeing the opening credits, I note the absence of Michael Cuesta, and his will be a presence I will continue to miss as this season unfolds.
Incidentally, this episode’s directed by Tony Goldwyn (who played baddies in Ghost and The Sixth Day, and voiced Tarzan for Disney), who was a guest in Season 1 and did some directing there too.

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