Monday, October 15, 2007


18.1 The winners for the 40th Sitges Film Festival have been announced, and here are some of the awards that have me stoked:

Best Motion Picture
The Fall (directed by Tarsem Singh)

Best Director (Jaume Balaguero & Paco Plaza);
Best Actress (Manuela Velasco);
Audience Award El Periodico de Catalunya – Best Motion Picture;
Jose Luis Guarner Critic Award (unanimous);
and Special Mention, por cumplir con mano maestra nuestra fantasía de ver morir en directo a un irritante presentadora de televisión (for making possible our fantasy, by letting us watch dying live an upsetting TV presenter)*:

Best Actor (Sam Rockwell);
Special Mention, por la sutilidad con la que hace presente el miedo en la cotidianidad (for its subtle way of expressing the fear to today’s everyday life)*:
Joshua (directed by George Ratliff)

Best Script (Chong Seo-Kyung, Park Chan-Wook)
I’m A Cyborg, But That’s Ok (directed by Park Chan-Wook)

Best Cinematography (Toyomichi Kurita);
Best Production Design (Takashi Sasaki)
Sukiyaki Western Django (directed by Takashi Miike)

Best Make Up FX;
Best Motion Picture FANTASTIC;
Silver Méliès for Best European Motion Picture;
Citizen Kane Award to an up-and-coming director (Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo):
À L'Intérieur (Inside)

Best Special Effects;
Best Original Soundtrack (Kuniaki Haishima):
Mushishi (Bugmaster) (directed by Katsuhiro Otomo)

Though I haven’t seen any of these films yet, they’re all either done by directors I greatly admire, or, like Joshua and À L'Intérieur, movies I’ve heard some good things about. And the Balaguero co-directed [Rec] (already on its way to a Hollywood remake) was the big winner! For those of you who’ve been to the Iguana before, you all know I love me my Balaguero!
Congratulations to all involved with these films. You can check out the complete list of winners at the official English-language website of the Sitges Film Festival.

18.2 In related news, À L'Intérieur directors Maury and Bustillo are currently working on the script for the upcoming Hellraiser remake (though they’ve described it as more of an adaptation than anything else). They’ve apparently got Clive Barker’s blessing and supposedly have a new Pinhead waiting in the wings…

Parting shot: Reviews for Jaume Balaguero’s Los Sin Nombre, Darkness, and Fragiles, can be found in the Archive.

* All English translations are from the Sitges official website.

(The Fall image courtesy of; OS’s courtesy of [40th Sitges Film Festival], [[Rec]], [À L'Intérieur], and [Mushishi].

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