Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Okay. Stop me if you think you’ve heard this one before.
Chae Min-young (Kim Seo-hyeong) and her daughter Joo-hee (Kim Yoo-jeung) move into an apartment complex, where strange things begin to happen, and it soon becomes clear that there is a vengeful ghost in the area, who will not rest till she gets what she’s after.

Now, despite that hoary Asian horror set-up, Nebeonjjae Cheung (Hidden Floor aka Forbidden Floor) actually turns out to be a better viewing experience than 2 Wol 29 Il (February 29; review in Archive: August 2007). I make the comparison since both are part of the “One Day Suddenly” quartet of Korean horror films.
Having said that, it still doesn’t mean Nebeonjjae Cheung is off the hook for being the derivative movie that it is: Iconography is strictly standard Asian horror, and the ghost is of the Cousin It School of Contortion and Sudden Startling Movement.

It’s actually probably a blessing that Nebeonjjae Cheung is part of the “One Day Suddenly” quartet, as it looks so much better when placed alongside 2 Wol 29 Il; the acting is better, and the cinematography is closer to that Korean visual vibe I groove on.
It does however, suffer from pacing issues. Some judicious cutting from director Kwon Il-soo would perhaps have turned this one into a leaner scare machine, relieving us of the burden of plodding through periods of slow tedium.

As it stands though, there is nothing blazingly original here (a sad trait it shares with 2 Wol 29 Il), and one can only hope that the two other “One Day Suddenly” films (Roommates and Dark Forest) prove to be better movies than this.

(Nebeonjjae Cheung OS courtesy of kmovieaddicts.blogspot.com.)

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