Friday, September 7, 2007

Season 4 Episode 7
“The Dayf*ckers”

In what is arguably the weakest episode of the season, the boys get into a $5K wager: due to Drama’s belief that E cannot have unemotional sex, he places his money on Turtle getting laid with a complete stranger before E can.
Over the course of the episode, E sees Sloan (whom he broke up with because of the whole going-to-Italy-right-after-shooting-in-Colombia thing) and tries to re-establish communication lines, but it turns out Sloan’s met someone else.

Turtle meanwhile responds to an Internet personal ad and winds up with a hottie furry, a fetishist who has sex in animal costumes, and she wants Turtle to dress up as a pink rabbit.
In the end, E, reeling from Sloan’s rebuff, wins the bet for Vince, and Drama, cutting his losses, winds up getting laid in the bunny costume since Turtle’s too freaked about the furry scene. (In Johnny’s mind, if he’s gonna lose $5K, he may as well get something out of it.)

There’s also a subplot about Ari finally getting Jonah into the exclusive private school the Golds have long targeted.
It’s kind of sad though that we get two priceless moments in an otherwise lackluster episode: Turtle in the rabbit costume, and Ari actually shedding tears and begging to get his son into private school.

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