Sunday, March 7, 2021

'VERSE UPDATE 2021 (1)

Aaaaaaand we're back...

With two (count 'em, two!) new releases:

DAKILA: Siyudad Issue 3 (of 4) [New Release]

David Hontiveros / Pyotr Mutuc

B&W / Wraparound cover / 24 pages / 6.5 x 10 inches / 160 pesos


While Maleck does what he needs to do in the diabul, Dakila buys some time by keeping that monster frog thing busy…

The young hero is about to find out just how expensive that time actually is… 

KADASIG: Walanghanggan Issue 2 (of 3) [New Release]

David Hontiveros / Romnick Magbanua

B&W / Colored cover / 24 pages / 6.5 x 10 inches / 190 pesos


Kadasig, Bagsik, Elias, and Lintik are now part of Walanghanggan’s ensemble cast…

But Kadasig needs to be someone else inside the sentient horror movie: SPOILER!

Grab a seat and some blood-drenched popcorn and see how that bit of spandex-y improv turns out!

So there we go.
Please click on over to the Indies section of the Avenida website for more details (and preview pages), and, you know, to do the ordering…
Both new releases should be on the top row.
For those of you who've already ordered the previous issues of these story arcs, then here are the next chapters.
For those of you who haven't checked these arcs out, go for it!
Support independently produced local comics!

There should be an Out of the Gutter post on the new releases soon...
Meanwhile, please stay safe and sane, people!

you can't drink just six,


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