Sunday, September 4, 2016

Candidate #12

(February 2016)

Elena (Cosmina Stratan) is away from her Bucharest home (and civilization), working for childless couple Kasper (Peter Christoffersen) and Louise (Ellen Dorrit Petersen).
As evident from the one sheet, someone gets pregnant, and then things gradually go downhill from there.

Ali Abbasi’s Shelley (from a script by Maren Louise Käehne and Abbasi) is measured and oblique natal horror--so pregnant women or expectant couples, beware!
Actually, this stuff is creepy and disturbing, even for someone who doesn’t fall under either category…
As Abbasi’s feature debut, Shelley is also a powerful first cinematic shot, and a very promising indicator of what we can hopefully expect down the road…

Parting Shot: Incidentally, Christoffersen and Käehne both worked together previously, on the second season of Bron/Broen, which I’ve talked about here at the Iguana in the past.

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