Sunday, August 16, 2015


Firstly, allow me to thank all you mighty fine folk who came out to yesterday’s Indieket.
To everyone who stopped by the table to pick up some comics, shoot the sh!t about your thoughts and reactions to The ‘Verse and Seroks, or to get your hands on the Tatsulok compilation (art by the mighty fine Xerx Javier), your presence and support was awesome and greatly appreciated.

Now, we’re hoping to make an announcement soon regarding availability of the Tatsulok compilation out in the real world, beyond the borders of the comic convention circuit.
In the meantime though, please allow me to share with you these little bits.
For anyone who’s been following any of The ‘Verse titles, you’ll well be aware of the books’ backmatter (the supplementary text pieces in the comics).
Below, you’ll find a couple of bits excerpted from what I like to think of as “The Septet Musings.”

Anyone who followed the Tatsulok singles, or picked up the compilation yesterday at Indieket, will hopefully be familiar with The Septet, and will have at least seen one of them in that book, as well as the “personal assistant” of another. (Who, yes, is the same Alice that makes a brief appearance in Dakila: Lumilim 1, with art by the mighty fine Elmer Cantada, which also debuted yesterday at Indieket.)

Truthfully though, The Septet are an active force in The ‘Verse due principally to Ian Sta. Maria answering my question about the Big Bad he wanted Kadasig to face.
So The Septet have a dominant role throughout the first 4 volumes of Kadasig. (Yes, there are 3 volumes meant to follow The Skeleton at the Feast. Their titles are, for the record: The Unraveling, A Kind of Praise, and His Darling Sin. And yes, all the scripts for all 4 volumes are complete; they were all done before Ian even started drawing the first page of The Skeleton at the Feast.)
So what you see below isn’t just for anyone who might have bought the Tatsulok compilation yesterday, but also to anyone who’s following Kadasig, or any of the other ‘Verse titles, for that matter (because The Septet pop up in some of the other books as well).

To the guy who asked about Kadasig yesterday (and to everyone else out there who’ve been waiting on it), profuse apologies for the delay.
This isn’t a new Kadasig issue, but it’s what I can do for now.
Any good karma you can send our way to help us grease the wheels and get that particular engine moving, will be greatly appreciated.

In the meantime, please accept a sneak peek at these text pieces (which should worm their way into the backmatter of one of the upcoming ‘Verse issues that have something to do with The Septet).

And again, thanx to all you mighty fine folk for the enthusiasm and support.
Please feel free to spread the word and the love…

you can’t drink just six,


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