Monday, July 27, 2015


This year’s Indieket will be held on August 15 at the Bayanihan Center on Pioneer.
The ‘Verse will be attending, and, given the marked absence of a Summer Komikon this year, we sure hope to see all you mighty fine folk there…

Debuting at this year’s Indieket:

DAKILA: Lumilim
Issue 1 (of 3)
By David Hontiveros and Elmer Cantada

Your name is Brandon Ramirez and you’ve been a geek your whole life: comics, movies, RPGs, cosplay.

And now you’re officially the world’s first superhero, as evidenced by the cape, the mask, the totally ripped physique, and those crazy-awesome powers.

Higher agencies seem to have conspired to steer you right into that skintight outfit.

We have only one question: How’s that working out for you?

It’s been almost 3 months since 18-year old Brandon Ramirez first became Dakila.
And right now, he just wants to cosplay.
But a day at ManilaCon with his barkada turns super weird (and super dangerous!) when creepy urban legend Mr. Alikabok--actually one of Mangilala’s many guises (dude’s a cosplayer too! Who knew?)--shows up with some, err… “friends,” to spoil everybody’s geekery.
Boo! Hiss!

Dakila. 18 years old. Cosmic champion.
All of a sudden, acne and getting a driver’s license are so not a big deal anymore.

URIEL: Hekhalot
Issue 3A (of 4)
By David Hontiveros and Michael Urbano

Uriel is a mighty arel, held in reverence and awe by his fellow arelim, feared and despised by the shedim hordes.
And right now, his fate and existence lie in the hands of his seven-year-old mortal charge, Maleck de los Santos.

Uriel believes the only way he can vacate Maleck’s body without hurting the boy is by facing Malael head on…
But first, he needs to say “Goodbye” to Maleck, in case his plan doesn’t work out.
Meanwhile, Caim pulls the good Doctor further down into the rabbit hole…

TATSULOK: A Vision of Dust Compilation
By David Hontiveros and Xerx Javier

In the many rooms of the House that is the World, there are arelim and shedim. Most men know them as angels and demons.

Three individuals, each related to one race or the other, converge on the stage of Holy Week, 2009, for their own collective Passion Play of transformation and acceptance.

Collecting issues 1 to 4, self-published by Xerx himself, this is essentially a remastered TATSULOK: AVoD.
The page size is bigger than the previously released singles, which means, more art, because:

A)    You’ll get to see the art at a larger size; and
B)    With the captions and word balloons staying the same size, less of the art is now covered by those pesky, pesky words

So, yeah! Remastered!

And there you go.
Hopefully, another title may get a new issue in in time for Indieket, in which case, there’ll be another update here soon. (Send some good karma our way to help with that!)

Hope to see all you mighty fine folk at the Indieket!

you can’t drink just six,


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