Thursday, October 17, 2013

¡Qué horror! 2013
The Wrap-Up

And there we have it.

As promised, here’s a quick rundown of some non-horror titles that I saw in the past 12 months and had hoped to write about individually, but alas…

Sound of My Voice (January 2011), dir: Zat Batmanglij
Errors of the Human Body (July 2012), dir: Eron Sheean
Frankenweenie (September 2012), dir: Tim Burton
Upstream Color (January 2013), dir: Shane Carruth
Downloaded (March 2013), dir: Alex Winter
This Is The End (June 2013), dir: Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg

They all get my heartiest recommendation.

Plus, a title that I actually wrote about and that would really have gotten a ¡Q horror! slot this year, had it not been for the fact that writer/director Peter Strickland would “never call it a horror [movie] in a million years”: Berberian Sound Studio. (Review here.)

Also, as far as television goes, some other horror titles from the past 12 months that are worth a look at: Bates Motel, American Horror Story: Asylum, and In The Flesh.

Now, for some quick Halloween treats, I present to you the links to a couple of short films, Abe (by Rob McLellan) and BlinkyTM (by Oscar-nominated Ruairi Robinson, and which stars Where The Wild Things Are’s Max Records).

McLellan’s Abe has been optioned by MGM, who plan to give it the feature-length treatment, with McLellan at the helm. (McLellan’s official website here.)

Meanwhile, Robinson--whose first “name is pronounced ‘RAW-REE,’ NOT ‘Roo-ahh-reeh” according to his official website--had his feature debut, The Last Days on Mars (starring Liev Schreiber, Elias Koteas, and Olivia Williams), screen at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.
I’m actually waiting on his next short, Imaginary Forces (teaser here), on which he’s reportedly in post-production.

Both Abe and BlinkyTM are about cuh-ray-zee robots! (And you thought the T-800 was scary…)
And Happy Halloween!

Parting Shot: 30 more seconds of awesome from RAW-REE Robinson; this plays like a silly season Gwoemul

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