Friday, October 4, 2013

A Rundown of the 13 (+1) Best Horror Movies I've Seen in the Past Year
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(October 2012)

After making a name for himself with the magazine Rue Morgue, and then scooping up a number of awards for his short films like “The Demonology of Desire,” Rodrigo Gudiño takes on the feature film with the impressively creeptastic The Last Will and Testament of Rosalind Leigh.
Essentially a one-man show, TLWaToRL features Aaron Poole (who can also be seen in fellow ¡Q horror! 2013 title, The Conspiracy), as the estranged son of the titular Rosalind, who returns to his mother’s home in the wake of her passing, only to experience some slow-burn and creepily ambiguous horror. A disembodied Vanessa Redgrave--providing voice-over as the deceased Rosalind--adds a lot to the proceedings with merely the use of her pipes.
No less than Clive Barker gave this one his thumbs-up, so you would do well to check it out…

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