Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Wrap-Up

As promised, here’s the rundown of all the other horror films I saw between October 1, 2011 and September 30, 2012, that I felt deserved some ¡Qué Horror! love, but I just didn’t get the chance to write about in their own ¡Qué Horror! Candidate posts…

Apologies to all concerned that I didn’t get to talk about your films more, but for those of you who frequent the Iguana, here are some other titles to seek out…

Imago Mortis (January 2009), dir: Stefano Bessoni
The Dead (August 2010), dir: Howard J. Ford
Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark (November 2010), dir: Troy Nixey
Retreat (February 2011), dir: Carl Tibbetts
The Innkeepers (March 2011), dir: Ti West
Some Guy Who Kills People (April 2011), dir: Jack Perez
The Moth Diaries (September 2011), dir: Mary Harron
Livide (Livid) (September 2011), dirs: Julien Maury & Alexandre Bustillo
Exit Humanity (September 2011), dir: John Geddes
El Páramo (The Squad) (October 2011), dir: Jaime Osorio Márquez
Rites of Spring (October 2011), dir: Padraig Reynolds
Piggy (May 2012), dir: Kieron Hawkes

So the field this year consisted of 46 titles, from which the final list emerged.

Plus, I should also mention One Hundred Mornings (July 2009, dir: Conor Horgan), which isn’t strictly a horror movie, but it’s positioned quite firmly in apocalypse cinema, and is a horrific title nonetheless (I should mention that I find it quite interesting that simply classifies One Hundred Mornings under “Horror”)…

Detention (March 2011, dir: Joseph Kahn), which, alongside The Cabin in the Woods, is, hands-down, the most entertaining film I had the awesome privilege of seeing this past year…

Chronicle (January 2012, dir: Josh Trank), one of the best found footage titles from the past year, and a powerful argument for the flexibility and versatility of the superhero film…

and the harrowing Wake in Fright (May 1971, dir: Ted Kotcheff), which gained a well-deserved revitalization after it was selected by Martin Scorsese as a Cannes Classic Title for the 2009 festival.
Like One Hundred Mornings, this isn’t strictly a horror movie, but it is, nonetheless the sort of disturbing tourism-killing cinematic experience that will put you off traveling to the particular corner of the world it’s showcasing; in this case, the Australian Outback.

To one and all, have a Happy Halloween, as I settle down to begin the search for next year’s ¡Qué Horror! hopefuls.

(One Hundred Mornings UK quad courtesy of; Detention, Chronicle, and Wake in Fright OS’ courtesy of

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