Friday, October 31, 2008

A Rundown of the 13 Best, Most Recent Horror Movies I’ve Seen
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The horror in Midnight Meat Train can be found just as much in Leon’s descent into obsession and the gradual fraying of his relationship with Maya, as it can in the spectacularly over-the-top gore, delivered on-screen by a silently scowling Vinnie Jones, who plays the butcher Mahogany.

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Parting shot: Well, that’s it for this year’s list. Let’s see what the next dozen months have to offer horrorwise, so we can see how those titles will impact 2009’s rundown.
Happy Halloween!

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gentle said...

wow. i'm a barker fan and its nice to know that midnight meat train, one of the gems of books of blood, is getting made, finally! havent visited his site lately so thanks for letting me know, david. getting excited, just looking at the pictures. :)

space monkey said...

you're welcome. :)
and as i mentioned in my review, we barker fans have much to look forward to: adaptations of "dread," "pig blood blues," the framing short stories of "books of blood" (the film simply titled "book of blood"), and "the madonna."

gentle said...

this is too much clivey goodness to contain. :) if they adapt imajica, i'd have to brace my tender heart.. all too much, all too much. :)

space monkey said...

for my part, i'd really love to see "the thief of always" finally hit the big screen...

gentle said...

right there you are, too. holiday house, rendered properly onscreen will surely be a visual feast.