Wednesday, June 25, 2008


The news of Stan Winston’s passing was saddening, as his contribution to imaginative cinema is massive, and from the outpouring of fond, loving remembrance at the AICN tribute, it also quickly became apparent that he was as inspiring a person as he was an artist.
So it was with a certain sense of hope that I saw that the Stan Winston Studio would indeed continue on in his spirit, albeit under a new name.
The studio will now be called The Winston Effects Group, and will be a partnership between Shane Mahan, Lindsay MacGowan, John Rosengrant, and Alan Scott.

In continuing Winston’s legacy, MacGowan had this to say to Quint of AICN: “We have all been taught by Stan, and to try and do something that wouldn’t honor the work that we had done in the past, it’s just not something that we would do. We are completely committed to continuing doing as much groundbreaking work as Stan had done in the past and we will continue doing it.”

That’s a nice ray of hope in the sad wake of his passing…

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