Thursday, June 19, 2008


Breaking off and getting a jump on the annual Edinburgh arts festival in August, the 62nd Edinburgh International Film Festival kicks off June 18, 2008 and winds up on the 29th of the month.
Among the films and events of note during this year’s EIFF are:

Spike (Directed by Robert Beaucage)
World Premiere (June 20)

Izolator (Warsaw Dark) (Directed by Christopher Doyle)
World Premiere (June 21)

Cinematographers Roger Deakins (long-time Coen brothers DP, who also shot Sam Mendes’ Jarhead and M. Night Shyamalan’s The Village) and Seamus McGarvey (The Hours) in conversation
(June 22)

Jason and the Argonauts (Directed by Don Chaffey; stop-motion animation by Ray Harryhausen)
(June 24)

Ray Harryhausen explains his craft
(June 25)

Transsiberian (Directed by Brad Anderson)
UK Premiere (June 27)

For more information on the 62nd EIFF, check out the official website.

Parting shot: Reviews of Brad Anderson’s El Maquinista (The Machinist) and his Masters of Horror entry, “Sounds Like,” as well as the Deakins-shot No Country For Old Men, can be found in the Archive.

(Images courtesy of [Spike]; [Izolator]; [Roger Deakins]; and [Ray Harryhausen]; Transsiberian OS courtesy of

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