Friday, June 8, 2007


10.1 Congratulations to Heroes, Lost, Dexter, and Entourage, for snagging nominations at this year’s TV Critics’ Association Awards, specifically:

New Program, Drama, and Program of the Year


Individual Achievement in Drama (Michael C. Hall), and New Program


I’m jazzed about the nominations above, but I am saddened that Battlestar Galactica is nowhere to be seen on the nominations list.
I’m likewise appalled that Blood Ties was not recognized either.

Seriously, congratulations to one and all.
Winners are to be announced on July 21 at the TCA gala. Check out the complete nominee list at, or the TCA official website.

10.2 The first word about the handful of new additions to the second season of Heroes: Maya (played by X-Men: The Last Stand’s Callisto, Dania Ramirez); a 28-year-old black mother; a “sexy” boyfriend for Claire; an Irish mobster; and what SCI FI Wire termed a “surrogate” for Micah. (Not sure what that exactly means, but I guess a temporary guardian, given the criminal tendencies of both his parents?)
Maya’s powers are being kept under wraps for the moment, and she could be the only one of the new characters to be a regular. (Crap. Does that mean heartbreak for Claire? Or is he one of those Smallville “boyfriends,” who turn out to be evil in the end and have ulterior motives for wooing the girl?) It’s also unclear if the other 4 new additions will have powers as well, but that’s probably a safe bet.

(Images courtesy of [Heroes]; [Lost]; [Dexter]; and [Entourage].)

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