Tuesday, November 26, 2019



Grand Pontiff Elberith here again with yet another announcement, which also happens to be one of those "good news, bad news" situations you mortals seem to delight/despair in...

Good news (and once more, this is pre-written promotional drivel, so gird your loins)...

Join us for the launch of the TRESE LITE POSTCARD book!
December 13 at Secret HQ, Poblacion, Makati
1 to 6pm

TRESE LITE Postcard Book 1
Art by Kajo Baldisimo
Stories by Budjette Tan
A collection of artwork by Kajo Baldisimo featuring the cast of TRESE. Each card depicts a “light day” – those in between moments when they are not fighting aswang or investigating some crime. Each card comes with a short story – in the form of a letter from one of the characters – giving us a glimpse of Trese during her most personal moments, during her younger days and during those summers of many years past.

Aside from TRESE LITE POSTCARD BOOK, Secret HQ will also be selling TRESE books 1 to 7 and TRESE DEVIATIONS: Iunctura.

So for those of you who were unable to purchase Trese Deviations: Iunctura at the Komikon Grande 2019 due to the "2 days' worth of stocks selling out in 4 hours and 43 minutes" situation we all found ourselves in on Day 1, this is your chance...

And now, the bad news...
I must break your tender hearts, mortals, and tell you that I, the Mighty, Great, and Terrible Duke Elberith, will not be your host for this little soirée.
So manage your expectations accordingly and try to enjoy the festivities, even without my magnetic, one-of-a-kind presence.

And, as always, please keep me in mind for any of your hosting or notary public needs.

Unlike the organizers of this event, you must never forget… Grand Pontiff Elberith, at your service… for a price…


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