Saturday, March 9, 2019

Candidate #15

(September 2017)

You never know how rich life is until you’ve lost it.”

Seth A. Smith’s sophomore feature, The Crescent, is a sedate and gradual descent into the deep trenches of oblique horror, as Beth (Danika Vandersteen, in her feature debut) retreats to her mother’s seaside home in Shoal Harbor, to hopefully heal from a deeply felt personal tragedy.

But while the going is generally measured and slow, sound and the atonal score--likewise composed by Smith--effectively build a sense of creeping unease and disquiet, fortifying the work with the kind of atmosphere that you really don’t find in your regular mainstream Hollywood horror.

For those of you who’ve grown tired of the Sturm und Drang jump scares-on-a-schedule state of contemporary widescreen horror, then The Crescent may just be right up your alley.

“It’s too late for you. The water won’t take you back.”

Parting Shot: I am so looking forward to Smith’s follow-up feature, Tin Can, for which he consulted with Brandon Cronenberg on the screenplay (co-written by Smith with Darcy Spidle, who penned The Crescent’s script).

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