Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Eleven days to go till this year's SummerKon, and yes! 
New releases!

Issue 3 (of 4)
By David Hontiveros and Romnick Magbanua

Dakila and Kadasig finally realize they’re on the same island! Just in time for the Dweller and the Yokusuru to gather for a nice family meal.
Wait, what?

DAKILA: Makadaot
Issue 2 (of 3)
By David Hontiveros and Carl Corilla

Your name is Brandon Ramirez and you’ve been a geek your whole life: comics, movies, RPGs, cosplay.

And now you’re officially the world’s first superhero, as evidenced by the cape, the mask, the totally ripped physique, and those crazy-awesome powers.

Higher agencies seem to have conspired to steer you right into that skintight outfit.

We have only one question:
How’s that working out for you?

Dakila has to face rains that are gradually sapping his strength to find a missing child.
AND his kitten!
PLUS, see exactly what happened to Grundle after issue 1’s ending.
And the saitan goons show up here too!
LOTS’A stuff going down!!!

Dakila. 18 years old. Cosmic champion.
All of a sudden, acne and getting a driver’s license are so not a big deal anymore.

URIEL: Hekhalot
Issue 4B (of 4)
By David Hontiveros and Michael Urbano

Uriel is a mighty arel, held in reverence and awe by his fellow arelim, feared and despised by the shedim hordes.
And right now, his fate and existence lie in the hands of his seven-year-old mortal charge, Maleck de los Santos.

It all wraps up here, with the final pages planting the seeds for Maleck’s appearance in DAKILA: Siyudad.

Aaaand there you go.
Set the date: April 1, at the Bayanihan Center on Pioneer.
#SK2017 #komikonph

Hope to see all you mighty fine folk at SummerKon!

you can’t drink just six,


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