Saturday, January 7, 2017

Candidate #9

(October 2015)

And here's another zombie film that takes an interesting and atypical approach to its narrative.

Based on the manga by Hanazawa Kengo, Sato Shinsuke’s I Am a Hero follows struggling mangaka’s assistant Hideo (Ôizumi Yô), still waiting for his big break, much to the increasing annoyance of his girlfriend, Tekko (Katase Nana).
Will our, ahem, hero finally get his own work published and serialized, and get the girl?
Then again, it probably doesn’t matter, ‘cause, you know… zombie apocalypse.
As we well know, zombie apocalypses tend to muck up the small, trivial things the human race has usually got going on, things like plans and life…

There are dollops of thrills and black comedy and pathos here amidst the gore and the grue--and there’s a whole lotta that, so be warned--as well as a tip of the zombie hat to Romero’s Dawn of the Dead.
I Am a Hero is the perfect antidote for those all-too-relentlessly grim soap opera zombie titles out there…

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