Friday, April 1, 2016


Yes, after its marked absence last year, Summer Kon is back, and will be held on April 16 at the Bayanihan Center on Pioneer, just in time for.


The ‘Verse will be attending, and we sure hope to see all you mighty fine folk there…

Debuting at this year’s Summer Kon:

DAKILA: Metronom
Issues 2 & 3 (of 3)
By David Hontiveros and Romnick Magbanua

Before anything else…
First DAKILA story arc to reach completion!
Yay, us!
Now, on to the road to compilation…


Your name is Brandon Ramirez and you’ve been a geek your whole life: comics, movies, RPGs, cosplay.

And now you’re officially the world’s first superhero, as evidenced by the cape, the mask, the totally ripped physique, and those crazy-awesome powers.

Higher agencies seem to have conspired to steer you right into that skintight outfit.

We have only one question: How’s that working out for you?

There’s been an angel murder, and an attempted angel murder.
Who’s on the case?
Gil Grissom? Mac Taylor? Or (Heaven help us!) Horatio Caine?
Dakila’s on the case!

Featuring three characters previously seen in Tatsulok: A Vision of Dust (though probably not the three you’re thinking of, plus one of them looks a whole lot different now).

Dakila. 18 years old. Cosmic champion.
All of a sudden, acne and getting a driver’s license are so not a big deal anymore.

DAKILA: Makadaot
Issue 1 (of 3)
By David Hontiveros and Carl Corilla

Fatima helps Demetrio out, and they both run into some trouble in Perdida.

Oh, and Dakila shows up!

Was that a spoiler?

URIEL: Hekhalot
Issue 3B (of 4)
By David Hontiveros and Michael Urbano

Uriel is a mighty arel, held in reverence and awe by his fellow arelim, feared and despised by the shedim hordes.
And right now, his fate and existence lie in the hands of his seven-year-old mortal charge, Maleck de los Santos.

Uriel has a throwdown with Malael in the diabul, while, back in the oikoumene, the good Doctor Perez goes totally nutballs!

For some extra-‘Verse action…

BATHALA: Apokalypsis
Issue 6B (of 7)
By David Hontiveros and Ace Enriquez

What if there was only one superhuman in the whole world?
What if the world was about to end as predicted in the Book of Revelation?
What can one superman do to hold back the hand of the Almighty?

Bathala faces the savage baalim, and the cracks in the UP’s New World Order gradually become visible.
Plus, a new power! And (Gasp!) a new weakness!

I’ve received intel that there will also be a LOST JOURNAL presence at the Summer Kon, so keep your eyes peeled for that, too. (Hopefully, you guys can stretch your budgets so you can pick up some ‘Verse stuff and the LOST JOURNAL…)

And there you go.
Hope to see all you mighty fine folk at the Summer Kon!
And send some good karma our way to help with the Metronom compilation, which will be (as all ‘Verse compilations are meant to be) remastered for a bigger page size, and should include some fresh backmatter!

you can’t drink just six,


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