Wednesday, July 9, 2014


So, while Alternative Alamat--an anthology of short fiction that repurposes Filipino myths and legends into modern, 21st century configurations--has been available in ebook format since December 2011, it’s only now finally coalescing into an “Expanded Print Edition” via Visprint.

I’ve been informed by editor Paolo Chikiamco that AA launches (alongside 3 other new Visprint titles) on July 19, Saturday, at Powerbooks, Greenbelt.
The entire event is scheduled from 11AM to 6PM, with the AA hour slotted for 3PM to 4PM.
At the moment though, I can’t say with 100% certainty that I’ll be present, but regardless, please feel free to attend, and if you haven’t encountered AA in its ebook iteration, then you can grab a dead trees copy of it.

Contained in AA is my contribution, “Balat, Buwan, Ngalan (A Myth for the 21st Century),” which has very solid connections to all the work going on in the ‘Verse comic book titles, as well as my novella Parman (also from Visprint).
If you’re following the ‘Verse, or have read Parman (or both), you may want to check my AA contribution.

For more on the “Expanded Print Edition,” see here.

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