Saturday, May 25, 2013


Greetings, Earthlings.
So we’ve officially come to the close of the Character Design Contest tied into my latest Visprint title, SEROKS Iteration 1: Mirror Man.

At this point, I’d like to say “Thanx” to anyone and everyone who’s shown support for SEROKS, by picking the book up, by spreading good word of mouth, by prattling on about it on that darn newfangled thang they're calling the Interwebz, or yes, by joining this just-concluded contest.
The winner will be informed via email of his (or her) triumph in the senses-shattering bloodsport that was this contest within the next week, and will see his (or her) winning entry published in the pages of SEROKS Iteration 2: Once in a Lifetime.
And yes, for the official record, there will only be one winner, because for some reason, no one chose to send in an entry for Taylor’s costume; all we got was for Roqué’s.  (And I don’t need to tell you, Taylor’s bummed about that.)

Meanwhile, the quasi-contest/comic book Artist Search continues, with a slight tweaking: if you’re interested in a comic book collaboration with me, then just email me ( with samples of your art (sequential comic book pages, preferably; 3 to 5 pages, or more, if you’re so inclined--the more, the better, so I can more effectively gauge your strengths and range; also preferably featuring established comic book characters--try not to send in any pages which feature your original characters).
You can also choose to send me links to any online galleries (deviantart pages or the like).
Please use the Subject Heading: Art Samples – Your Name.
There’s no longer any need to prepare samples based on SEROKS. I’d just like to see your art, the particular style you call your own, the way you tell stories via panels and pages.

As always, any questions, you can leave them in the Comments section of this post, or email me at the above address.

Once again, thanx to everyone who’s shared their kind words about SEROKS with me, and those who’ve spread the word on the vast and sprawling Interwebz.
Your generous support is heartily appreciated.
If you haven’t picked up your own copy, SEROKS Iteration 1: Mirror Man can now be found on the shelves of the country’s leading bookstores.
And if you don’t see it on the shelves, please ask for it.

And don’t forget, SEROKS Iteration 2: Once in a Lifetime is soon to follow.
You can check out a preview of it, courtesy of the mighty fine Alan Navarra, here.

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