Sunday, January 27, 2013

SEROKS Iteration 1: Mirror Man

And now, copies of SEROKS Iteration 1: Mirror Man have been spotted at National Book Store, Greenbelt.
I can only assume that it's also to be found (or soon to be found) in other NBS branches across this great land of ours as well. And again, if you don't see it on the shelves, then please, ask for it.

SEROKS Iteration 1: Mirror Man, from Visprint, is a collection of linked short stories all set in a dystopic future world where everything can be pirated, even people, a world first seen in my Palanca-honored SF short story, "Kaming Mga Seroks."

It's got illustrations by the mighty fine Alan Navarra, and, as can be construed from the full title, it's also the first in a series of SEROKS collections.

For those who are interested in reading the original Palanca awarded short story, it can be found online here, at the mighty fine InterNova, run by the mighty fine Michael Iwoleit. (Look! Downloadable as a PDF!)


dishidrosised palms said...

First 50 pages and I want to stop na kasi ayoko pa matapos. Nakakainis kasi pag natapos ko na basahin tapos babalik na naman ako sa tunay na buhay.

Pero sobra, sir! Noong nabasa ko yung The Twelfth Hour saka ko narealize na ang illustration ay ukol sa storya na sumunod dito. Sobrang ayos da best!

Armando dela Cruz said...

I just grabbed my copy! Awesome book! Kudos.

space monkey said...

Well, thanx so much to the both of you (d.palms & Armando) for the thumbs up and the kind words.
Spread the word about the book so more people will pick it up.
There's more SEROKS to come, and if you'd like to see Iteration 2 (and the subsequent Iterations) sooner rather than later, make sure Visprint hears you.
You can leave word at the Visprint Facebook page...

-- Dave