Friday, November 2, 2012

¡Qué horror! 2013
Candidate # 3

(September 2011)

Produced by Vincenzo Natali, and brought to us by writer/director Randall Cole, 388 Arletta Avenue sees a young couple (played by Nick Stahl and Mia Kirshner) become the unwitting targets of person(s) unknown, who threaten and harass via pop music, Shaun Cassidy, children’s songs and fake cats.
That may sound ridiculous, but trust me, it’s not.

The fragmented nature of the narrative-- as told through any number of cameras covertly surveilling the unfolding action--heightens the unsettling tension of the scenario, as we bear witness to the ease with which a person’s normal everyday life can be turned upside-down by malevolent and unknown forces.

Two more points of random interest: an initially unrecognizable Devon Sawa appears here as a possible suspect; and the end credits roll just goes to prove how creeptastic "The Cat Came Back" really is...

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