Wednesday, July 11, 2012

¡Qué horror! 2012
Candidate # 23

(October 2011)

Anthony DiBlasi is familiar to ¡Qué Horror! territory from his past Clive Barker adaptations, The Midnight Meat Train (for which he acted as executive producer) and Dread (which he adapted for the screen, exec produced and directed). DiBlasi is back again, this time as director of Cassadaga.
In this one, deaf art teacher Lily (Kelen Coleman) moves to the “Psychic Capital of America,” Cassadaga, Florida, in the wake of a family tragedy. Hoping to find a new direction and purpose in life, Lily instead gets involved with some dangerous supernatural hijinx as a ghost makes its presence known to her, in an attempt to get some vengeance from beyond the grave.
On paper, it may sound like standard stuff, but it’s standard stuff handled well, and, believe you me, the marionette bits in here are mondo disturbo…

Parting shot: Dear Mr. DiBlasi, I’m still waiting on your Pig Blood Blues adaptation… I sincerely hope it’s still a project of on-going concern…

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