Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ecomic Release & Issue 4

With the imminent release of Bathala: Apokalypsis in ecomic format, we’ve pulled down issues 1 to 3 from, leaving a sneak preview of 5 pages from each issue on the site.

Meanwhile, issue 4 is scheduled for release in pamphlet form at the next Komikon on November 19, 2011, where we’ll also be indulging in a “Catch-Up Promo” (as indicated below).

Look! Convenient recap! And a sneak peek at pages 1 & 2!

Previously in Bathala:


Andrew Carreon, reporter, is secretly the mighty superhero, Bathala.

After years of maintaining a close and steady friendship with co-worker Isabel Ignacio, Andrew has finally moved their relationship into deeper territory.
But this development takes place in the middle of a sea of chaos, in a world that is tearing itself apart.

In the other half of Andrew’s dual life, Bathala does his best to stem the tide of apocalyptic hysteria that permeates society in the wake of all the wars and catastrophes and disasters occurring across the globe.
And amidst all these occurrences, reports file in of individuals who claim to be enveloped by a bright light, who hear a voice tell them, “You are blessed. You are one of the People,” and are left with a distinguishing mark on their foreheads.

Even as Bathala helps to maintain order though, a massive earthquake in Los Angeles (coinciding with an eclipse), followed shortly by the destruction of the United States’ East Coast as a result of an attack by the alien artificial intelligence Cerebellax, leaves the world stunned.
In retaliation, Bathala is forced to destroy Cerebellax’s craft, and a large chunk of it crashes into the Pacific Ocean, off the coast of Japan. Electronics zaibatsu, Irimahu, begins salvage operations almost immediately, and manages to recover the fragment of the alien vessel.
Unknown to Bathala though, Irimahu’s operations are being guided by his arch-enemy, Harold Hernandez, and the Uploaded Personality (UP) of Leonardo Carreon. The UP is a digitally encoded copy of the personality of Andrew’s twin brother, identical in every respect to the late environmentalist, save for the presence of a physical body, and quite possibly, a soul.
Cerebellax is found in the salvaged wreckage, and the UP uses its power to enslave the alien intelligence to its own system.

Meanwhile, in South Wales, a handsome stranger anticipates the weight of a Key on his palm.
And elsewhere, Leonardo Carreon, killed by a gunman months ago and yet somehow still existing, has been given a scroll and apparently been made to break the seals that cover it. With only one seal left, Leo wishes to be relieved of this burden, but is told that this is his destiny and he cannot escape it.

A strange phenomenon then takes place: all over the world, a blanket of complete silence falls.
And in the silence, Andrew’s father, Jose Carreon, now apparently one of the People, readies to tell Bathala decades-old secrets, about the hero’s origins, and his ultimate role in the End Times.

(Bathala art by Ace Enriquez.)

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