Sunday, August 22, 2010


Thanx so much to all the people who showed up on Saturday at the Metro ComicCon, particularly those who'd already read the first chapter of Bathala: Apokalypsis online, but still wanted it in hardcopy.
Much gratitude for the support.

And to those who asked after other characters I've written about in the past, as I said, some things are in the works. A little positive energy sent our way to help them come to fruition couldn't hurt...

Getting back to Bathala, the entirety of the first chapter is online at
What is it about?
To wit:

What if there was only one superhuman to protect the whole world?

What if the world was ending as predicted in the Book of Revelation?

What can one superman do to stop the hand of the Almighty?

Now, the whole story is told in 7 chapters, and we're aiming for November for the 2nd chapter.
Till then, any pertinent announcements regarding Bathala (or any of my other stuff) will be found here at the Iguana.

Once again, thanx to the Metro Comic Con and Visprint crews, and Budj, for making that happen, and thanx to all of you out there for the support.

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