Sunday, October 18, 2009


Thanx are in order…
To everyone at Summit, for making it possible; to the Underpass crew, for concocting a particularly formidable brew; to Ella & Sally and the Visprint crew; to the Komikon organizers; to Ruey, for the much-appreciated words; to absolutely everyone who stopped by to pick up copies (not just of Underpass, but of the novellas as well) and have them signed (seeing that vintage copy of Flashpoint was a blast!); to those who threw out questions at the Q&A; and to Budj, for persistence which paid off…
Many, many, many thanx.

Now, as per the press release, Underpass, the “graphic anthology featuring dark fantasy stories from some of today's greatest Pinoy comics creators” will henceforth “… be available in major magazine shops.”
Check it out, please.

(Underpass cover by Carl Vergara.)

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