Thursday, July 3, 2008

Season 4 Episode 10
“Something Nice Back Home”
Written by Adam Horowitz & Edward Kitsis
Directed by Stephen Williams

WTF?! She just disappeared into the jungle?!


Flash-forward first.

We get a post-trial Jack and Kate, and apparently, Jack took Kate up on her offer and has evidently come to terms with seeing Aaron, so the three of them are currently playing at Happy Families, with Alice in Wonderland the bedtime reading of choice.
But the old obsessive Jack is still around, as he catches Kate on the phone with someone, and he clearly suspects something’s going on that he’s not supposed to know about.
Jack then gets a glimpse of Christian, and gets called down to Santa Rosa, where Hugo’s stopped taking his meds. Hugo tells Jack of Charlie’s visits, and says Charlie has a message for Jack: You’re not supposed to raise him. (Really creepy, this, particularly since it purportedly came from Charlie’s mouth, and it seems to imply that the “him” is Aaron.)
Hugo also tells Jack that Charlie said someone would be visiting Jack, soon.

As if to disprove the pronouncements of Hugo’s “Charlie,” Jack asks Kate to marry him, and she says… Yes.
But Jack sees Christian at work and this shakes him to the core, so he asks a fellow doctor to write him a prescription for some meds, claiming the stress from the engagement is getting to him.
Kate arrives at home to find a sloshed Jack, who confronts her about where she’s been. She says she had some “errands” to run, but Jack doggedly persists, and Kate says to leave it, but Dr. Obsesso is back in the house, and it comes out: she was doing something for Sawyer. (I suspect something for his daughter, given that Kate already met Cassidy before.)
This pisses off Dr. Obsesso, who pointedly says, Sawyer isn’t here. He chose to stay behind. I’m the one who came back. I’m the one who’s here. I’m the one who saved you.
Kate says, I don’t want you anywhere near my son if you’re going to be like this.
Jack, angrily, He isn’t even related to you!
Enter a sleepy Aaron from screen left, and Kate tearily watches Jack walk out.

Back to the Island.

The discomfort Jack was taking some meds for in a previous episode turns out to be a troubled appendix that’s fit to burst.
So Juliet tasks Sun and Jin to return to the medical station to retrieve surgical instruments and medical supplies for the instant Island appendectomy. But since the Kwons aren’t familiar with the instruments and medical paraphernalia, Daniel (who’s experienced at conducting animal autopsies) volunteers.
No one’s really crazy about the idea, but Daniel manages to persuade them that all he really wants to do is help, so he and Charlotte go with the Kwons.
In retrieving the surgical instruments, we learn that, a) Daniel likes Charlotte, and b) Charlotte knows Korean.
Jin picks up on the Brit B!tch’s fluency with the language, and confronts her one-on-one about it, finally getting her to admit she does understand Korean by threatening to break Daniel’s fingers.
Jin asks Charlotte to make sure that when the helicopter returns, that Sun is on it so she can leave the Island. Charlotte apparently agrees.

Meanwhile, Jack requests that he be awake during the surgery so he can talk Juliet through it. He wants Kate to be there, to hold up a mirror so he can view the proceedings, while under a local anesthetic.
Things get hairy during the appendectomy though, and Juliet is forced to have Jack chloroformed.
The procedure looks to be a success, and while Juliet is suturing an apparently unconscious Jack, she tells Kate about the Tempest kiss, and that she believes Jack kissed her so he could prove to himself that he wasn’t in love with, ahem, someone else.
Kate thanks Juliet for saving Jack’s life, but after she’s left the tent, Juliet says, I know you’re awake, and awake Jack is…

Meanwhile still, Sawyer, Claire, Aaron, and Miles continue to make their trek back to the beach.
They come upon the site of the ambush and Miles picks up the ghostly whispers of dead Rousseau and Karl, and finds their shallowly buried bodies.
When Miles begins to show an interest in Claire, Sawyer gets protective and warns the angry ghost whisperer to stay away from Claire.
They then run into Frank, who tells them to hide, since Keamy’s right behind him. Keamy’s leading the survivors of Smokey’s attack back to the helicopter. Keamy hears Aaron’s soft cry, and is just barely distracted by Frank, who insists they have to leave before dark. And leave they do.
Later on, in the middle of the night, Claire wakes up to find Aaron missing from her side.
She then sees Christian holding the baby.

The following morning, Sawyer awakens to find Claire missing. Miles says she got up in the middle of the night and walked out into the jungle, with someone she called “Dad.”
Sawyer hears Aaron’s cries, and finds the baby.

WTF?! She just disappeared into the jungle?!

Okay, so we have the flashforward which puts into motion the events that will lead to the suicidal, pill-popping Jack we saw in Season 3’s finale. That’s a Jack who came this close to having a happily-ever-after with Kate, and is presumably receiving visits from his deceased father.
Poor Dr. Obsesso…
But, while that section had some interesting bits in it, this installment’s real kick in the ‘nads is that cliffhanger, as Claire’s just suddenly not there anymore, having apparently gone off with her dead da.
And what’s with Miles’ interest in Claire? Is there something there that he sees, which Sawyer can’t? (The interest Miles was showing for Claire seemed to be more than a mere attraction sort of thing. Could he have been sensing Christian’s presence around Claire, or is there something else? Something about Aaron, or about Claire herself?)

Other bits that were noteworthy include Rose’s observation that people get well on the Island, and not sick. So why did Jack develop appendicitis?
Is the Island lashing out at Dr. Obsesso for some reason? For using the NaomiPhone to call the terrible Boat People to the Island?
And then there’s the bit with Ju-Ju telling Kate about the Tempest liplock, while knowing full well that Jack wasn’t unconscious, that he would hear everything she said. I felt so bad for Ju-Ju just then, as not only was she making a verbal acknowledgment of her place in the Island quadrangle, but she was also giving Jack his out, if he so wanted it…
Poor Ju-Ju…

Oh, and I loved Rose giving the Brit B!tch attitude. You go, girl! Put that C.S. Lewis harpy in her place!


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