Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Over the past weekend, the DGA presented those big-a$$ medallions of theirs to the winners of their various Outstanding Directorial Achievement Awards for the year 2007.
Congratulations to all the winners, particularly Joel and Ethan Coen, for winning Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Feature Film for No Country For Old Men, and Barry Sonnenfeld, for winning Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Comedy Series Night for the “Pie-Lette” episode of Pushing Daisies.
Joel Coen had this to say after receiving the award:

"Ethan and I have a bookshelf in our office where we keep various plaques and such that we've gotten over the years that we call our ego corner. Whenever Ethan has a really bad day, he gets a bottle of Windex and a big can of silver polish and goes over and spit shines those medals for an hour or two. It makes him feel better. This is a really big one—in every respect. It's going to keep him busy."

You can check out all the winners here.

Parting shot: A review of No Country For Old Men and episodic recaps/reactions of Pushing Daisies can be found in the Archive.

(DGA award image courtesy of dga.org; No Country For Old Men OS courtesy of impawards.com; Pushing Daisies image courtesy of avclub.com.)

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