Sunday, December 9, 2007

Season 1 Episode 8
“Chuck Versus the Truth”
Written by Allison Adler
Directed by Robert Duncan McNeill

Alias’ Kevin Weisman stars as Reardon Payne, a former Olympic gymnast who now sells secrets to the highest bidder, and when he poisons Mason Whitney (Judging Amy’s Sanjay Chandani) in an attempt to get the codes to the US nuclear arsenal, Ellie winds up getting poisoned herself. Before anything else though, the victim is forced to tell the truth, which becomes the hook of the episode, as Chuck, Sarah, and Casey also subsequently get poisoned.
So a lot of truths emerge, and some lies as well, as Sarah has been trained to withstand sodium pentathol, so when Chuck asks her, right before they down the antidotes, if they have any chance as a couple, Sarah says, “Sorry, but no.”

See, Chuck’s just met Lou Palone (The O.C.’s Rachel Bilson; yahoo!), who owns a sandwich shop at the mall, and comes into the Buy More to have her phone fixed.
Lou up front tells Chuck she likes him, a lot, but the thing is, he’s got a girlfriend, or so Chuck’s cover goes.
Sarah even sleeps over in Chuck’s room, if only to make Ellie and Awesome think Chuck’s finally getting lucky with her. Actually, the evening is Sarah’s idea, ostensibly to further the integrity of their cover.
After Sarah’s “confession” though, Chuck fake breaks up with her, so he can start seeing Lou, something that clearly troubles Sarah.

The Buy More subplot meanwhile, effectively writes C.S. Lee off the show, as he actually stumbles into the TV room, thinking to catch Morgan diddling his wife (Emy Coligado, from Malcolm In The Middle and Crossing Jordan), but instead barges into one of those spy meetings.
Casey pulls Harry aside and sends him off to Oahu, making Harry believe he’s now working for the US government.
Harry’s sudden relocation makes everyone happy, except for Big Mike, who, as it turns out, was the one diddling Lady Tang.

Again, the personal character bits are what sell Chuck, and watching the whole Chuck-Sarah-Lou thing unfold should prove to be interesting.
This episode also works as we finally see Chuck experience collateral damage as Ellie gets affected by all the spy stuff going on.

There are some ruptures in logic though, as a) if Morgan made that innocent assignation to meet Lady Tang—as part of getting a surprise birthday present for Harry—where was Morgan and why was Chuck and company in the TV room at said time?; and b) after Casey and Sarah—Sarah in a wig, both toting guns—chase Payne down the hospital corridor, why does no one make any comment about this later on?
But hey, Chuck’s still entertaining me, and Rachel Bilson’s here (again, yahoo!), so I’ll try and overlook those loopholes.

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