Tuesday, November 27, 2007

a.k.a. “PIMP MY BOOK” (2)

Thanx to everyone who’s checked out Pelicula.
And thanx to those who’ve left comments here at the Iguana.

To Martin: I’m glad you loved what you saw in the first four chapters, and I’m really glad that ritual got you the way it did.
What can I say? Lovecraft and the Al Azif (a.k.a. the Necronomicon): a winning combo.
I’m stoked that you’re enjoying the tone and the mash-up of elements and genres. As I mentioned in Afterthoughts (23), Pelicula involved a lot of firsts for me, and I’m pleased as punch with it.

To I.K.Ida: Thanx for liking the Penumbra novellas. Hope you’re enjoying Pelicula too.

To those who haven’t checked it out, go to the website designed by the very excellent Carl Vergara. Updates are weekly. Then leave any comments you may have back here.

Thanx again, one and all.

(Image from Pelicula website, website designed by Carl Vergara, Habagat icon designed by the equally excellent Ian Sta. Maria.)

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