Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Season 3
Episode 18

Crackerjack cliffhanger right there!
But let’s backtrack, shall we?

So Eyepatch Dude is still alive?! And Desmond makes a deal with him to help Parachute Girl (who’s apparently multi-lingual like nobody’s business). Urg. These people.
And what does Eyepatch Dude do? He tries to steal the satellite phone thingie. And they still let him go!
Why do I think Charlie’s supposedly impending demise will have something to do with Eyepatch Dude? If so, it’ll all be on Des’ head, for letting the bugger go.

Meanwhile, Juliet helps Sun by bringing her to the medical station, where an ultrasound machine is kept in a secret room. The size of the fetus can help them determine when Sun conceived. If it was off the Island, then fantastic; if it was on, then she’s in the deep doo-doo I mentioned in my review 2 episodes back.
And in the flashbacks, we see Sun as a newly-married woman, approached by Jin’s mother, whom Jin was told was dead. Well, not only is she alive, she’s also an ex-prostitute! So Sun is blackmailed into getting the woman a hundred thousand dollars (I think was the sum) to keep her mouth shut regarding her former profession, money Sun asks from her father.
Interestingly enough, the price of her father giving her the money is that he’ll “promote” Jin, which is how Jin ended up being Mr. Paik’s enforcer!
In all of this, there are a bunch of really great scenes: Sun secretly meeting her father-in-law; Sun and her father, making the deal that will get all that blood and guilt on Jin’s hands; Sun and Juliet, in the medical station, where she confesses to her infidelity with bald hotel owner guy.
Man, I’ve always loved Sun, and this episode was a motherlode of Sun Moments.

Of course, she’s got about two months left to live, so… arrrggghhhh!!!
As it turns out, the baby is Jin’s. (Apparently, just as the Island is particularly brutal to pregnant females, it also ups a guy’s sperm count into the stratosphere; in Jin’s case of being infertile, well, it apparently just made him fertile. What a chauvinistic Island!)
So Sun’s got this death sentence on her now. (First Charlie, now Sun!)

And Juliet’s making tapes for Ben. And apparently remorseful about it.
Okay. Sorry for calling Juliet a “two-faced lying slag.”

And back to that cliffhanger.
Parachute Girl comes to and says that Oceanic 815 was found, and that there were no survivors…

Parting shot: Fine. If Juliet really busts her a$$ to save Sun’s life, then maybe I’ll consider getting her off my Sh*t List.

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Mark said...

oh'll really going to love the next 2 eps (Brig and Man Behind the Curtain) and by "love" I meant there's plenty "oh crap!" moments. I don't know why people are whining about this season's Lost -- they just had a nice build-up.

btw how'd you find Catch-22? first episode written by Brian K Vaughn.

space monkey said...

oh yeah, i loved the next one (about locke's dad). will be putting up the review soon.
it was one of those great moments where my close attention to "lost" paid off, as i'd been thinking for quite a while now that locke's dad was the conman who wrecked sawyer's life. so seeing that made my day.

haven't seen this week's episode yet though.

"catch-22" was okay. i'm actually wondering how long it'll take for them to explain why there's a photo of the head monk dude and ms. hawking (from "flashes before your eyes") on the head monk dude's desk.

space monkey said...

oops. forgot.
yeah, i don't know what it is with all the b*tching and moaning.

the only time i really felt "why are we even watching this, what's the point?" was with "stranger in a strange land." that, for me, i think was season 3's low point.

"expose" was also a little questionable in the bigger scheme of things.

i do still think that they sometimes bump people off indiscriminately, sometimes before the character can contribute anything substantial to the narrative.
but there you go.

i really hope they don't bump off sun...