Sunday, April 29, 2007


5.1 So my daemon’s name happens to be “Onthia.” Say “Hello” to her whenever you drop by; she’ll be keeping my iguana company. They’ve got a lot to chat about. Girl talk, I expect.
If you have no idea what I’m blathering on about, go on down to the website for The Golden Compass (due out this December), or better yet, read Philip Pullman’s so-dark-are-you-sure-these-are-young-adult-novels His Dark Materials trilogy, then go to the website.
You too can find out about your own daemon!

5.2 If you’ve read my review of Shusuke Kaneko’s Death Note (Archive: March 2007), you’ll know that I was horrified by Kenichi Matsuyama’s performance as “L.” Well, it turns out that there’s a spin-off in the works, a prequel to Death Note, focusing on “L,” and Hideo Nakata’s come on-board to direct.
I’m truly horrified at the prospect, as I’m a big Nakata fan, and now, I’ve suddenly done a 180 from not caring a whit about the spin-off and not even planning to give it a go, to getting anxious about it and wondering what Nakata saw in Matsuyama’s performance that he actually wants to work with him.
But then again, who knows? Maybe Nakata can pull off a coup and elicit a decent performance from Matsuyama.
Here’s hoping.

5.3 It turns out that Sebastian Cordero’s Cronicas won one Ariel out of the six nominations it garnered this year. The win was for Best Actor (Damian Alcazar).
Still, co-producer Guillermo Del Toro isn’t too sad, I suppose, given his wins for El Laberinto Del Fauno; see Afterthoughts (2) (Archive: March 2007.)

(The Golden Compass image-- Nicole Kidman as Mrs. Coulter-- courtesy of

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